Soothing lotion for itching / eczema lotion

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    Lotion for horses suffering from itching by Carr & Day & Martin.

    • Soothes itchy and irritated skin
    • with vegetable ingredients such as lemongrass, extracts from marigolds and geraniums as well as menthol oils
    • calming and cooling
    • not greasy
    • also helps after insect bites
    • can help reduce mane and tail chafing
    • Skin and hair are soothed and protected by the nourishing properties
    • Contents: 500 ml

    Application: Shake well before use. Then apply to the affected areas and massage in carefully. Use the lotion for at least 3 weeks for best results. Apply daily to acutely irritated skin and later reduce the application to once a week as needed.

    Ingredients: Lemongrass, marigold, geranium and menthol oils.