About us

We - that's Annette, Christoph & Liz.


I've been riding for as long as I can remember - I used to ride school horses in English saddles, for about 15 years in western saddles. I love high-quality products with a functional design and I know the feeling when you feel even more comfortable at the show because of your overall impression with great products.

I take care of the website, the purchase of the products, the shipping and the marketing. If you have any questions about the product, you've come to the right place. I use all the products myself and stand behind what I sell.

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Christoph got to and on the horse through Annette. He likes to ride in his free time - but he prefers to support me with photos and everything to do with our social media accounts.

Liz is our quarter horse mare by Lil Peppy Dunit Right, born in 2018.

She is Annette's leisure and competition horse and also models every now and then :-) She belongs to our family and is cherished and looked after.

Katie was Annette's first real reining horse. She was by our side for 8 years and gave us incredibly beautiful moments - she was always a reliable leisure partner, a great show horse and gave us a foal. Katie and Annette achieved the bronze medal at the EWU Young Horse Reining 4 years old in Hesse and 5 years old in Baden Württemberg.
Unfortunately, Katie started headshaking during pregnancy in 2018, which we never got under control. Training and tournament starts were no longer possible for both of us.
Katie has been living in Bavaria since December 2020 and enriches the breeding stable there and delights her owner and children as riding and trail riding horses. We wish her the very best.