Warming and cooling gel lavender / against muscle pain and swelling

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Regeneration gel - warming and cooling with lavender from Carr & Day & Martin.

  • Has a double effect through an initially cooling and then warming effect
  • Against swelling, muscle tension and hardening
  • Arnica and witch hazel help reduce swelling
  • Rosemary and Speiklavender stimulate blood circulation
  • Contents: 500 ml


  • Use pure before work
  • Massage into the desired area to warm up cold, stiff muscles and joints
  • As warming or refreshing laundry: Dilute the lotion with water
  • Please note the waiting period and, if necessary, discuss this with the veterinarian


  • Menthol has both a warming and a cooling effect
  • Witch hazel reduces swelling
  • Arnica reduces inflammation
  • Speiklavender & rosemary promote blood circulation