Highest quality and design for your horse made in Italy

PERFORPAD stands for maximum comfort and is made to give your horse the best possible performance. The branded products from PERFORPAD are used by reining professionals in Italy and enjoy great popularity there.

Why use PERFORPAD pads?
No other material combines comfort, safety and durability as much as wool. While synthetic material only traps moisture between the fibers, wool absorbs moisture from your horse and transports it outside. It looks natural in the heat and insulates in the cold. The processing increases strength, durability and shock absorption and ensures a perfect fit on the horse's back. The material cushions movements and protects the sensitive horse's back.

  • Highest quality from New Zealand wool
  • The weight of the rider is optimally distributed - so there can be no pressure points
  • Through the use of natural materials, the horse sweats a lot less and visibly feels good
  • Prevents the saddle from slipping both in leisure activities (e.g. climbing and trail riding) and in sports, e.g. during maneuvers

Our western pads are suitable for daily training for all disciplines (such as reining, ranch riding, pleasure, all-round, etc.) for trail riders, endurance riders and leisure riders - in short, for every horse owner who owns his horse want to offer the highest quality.

Why use PERFORPAD show blankets?

  • The PERFORPAD show blankets were presented for the first time at Futurity 2019 in Oklahoma and have been known and appreciated worldwide since then
  • Highest quality
  • Woven by hand
  • Greatest wealth of colors
  • Natural materials ensure optimal comfort for your horse