AlpenPad Gamaschen mit weichem Fell-Innenfutter.


  • gefüttert mit weichem Fell-Imitat
  • mit AlpenPad Logo
  • elastischer, starker Klettverschluss
  • Farbe Schwarz, glitzernd
  • für Vorderbeine & Hinterbeine geeignet


  • Verschiedene Farben
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AlpenPad gaiters, glittering, black, size M

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Glittering AlpenPad gaiters with soft fur in the Limited Winter Edition.
  • lined with soft faux fur
  • with AlpenPad logo
  • elastic, strong Velcro fastener
  • Color black, glittering
  • suitable for front and rear legs
  • Contents: 1 pair (2 pieces)
  • Limited Edition
Size M suitable for all western horse breeds and western ridden breeds such as Haflingers and larger ponies.

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